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Three Easy Ways to share your Sailing Trips

Finding content about people cruising the world has never been easier. Whether you look on YouTube or Social Media, you will find videos, blogs, routes and pictures there. And as you are sailing as well, you probably want to share your adventures with the world, too. So let me give you some advice on the three easiest ways to get started!

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1. Instagram

Instagram is a huge community of people sharing pictures, among them quite a few who sail and many more who enjoy sailing content. Getting started is as easy as uploading some of your own sailing pictures that you probably already have lots of. You will easily start gathering followers if you add some related hashtags to your pictures! Check out SV Delos’ page to see how it’s done.

You don’t have any pictures of your sailing trips yet? You better get used to taking them regularly. Either hurry below deck to get the camera or carry a phone with you at all times. You will quickly get a feeling for those great moments! If that is too much effort for you, don’t even think about YouTube videos. Editing alone takes many people multiple days.

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2. Facebook Page

Many people’s first intuition when it comes to sharing is to start a blog. As someone with experience in Social Media, let me tell you it is the worst thing you can do. There is a sea of ugly-looking and never-visited sailing blogs out there, and yours might cost quite a bit of time and money to become yet another of those.

Hence, my go-to advice is to start a Facebook Page at the beginning. This can be done in minutes and you will be able to start working on your writing skills and building your audience right away. Once you are writing well and see that enough people care to warrant a blog, go for it (or choose Medium)! Facebook will still be a great secondary channel for you then, and which popular sailor doesn’t have an active facebook page these days? To show another good example: Take a look at how Riley and Elayna of La Vagabonde do it.

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3. Blue Boat Log

Blue Boat Log is the easiest way to track your trips and share them with the world. Hit start when you head out of port, then stop the track at your destination. Feel free to add pictures and/or a description. And just like that, you have interesting content to share with your family, friends and followers! They will be able to read your post and explore your route in detail, like here.

As you are sailing anyways, the additional effort is marginal. Also, it ties in beautifully with the first two approaches: You can reuse the pictures you take for Instagram and share the trip on your Facebook page. As opposed to many other solutions, Blue Boat Log is simple, beautiful and free! And once you have your blog, you can simply embed your trips into your page.

Full disclosure: I am the developer of the app, which means I’m biased, so you better check for yourself. Also, feel free to hit me up with any questions you have!

Next steps

I hope I could offer you some new ideas to try. Of course, there are many other approaches, so feel free to look for yourself. In general, you need to find out how the platform works and what people on that platform are interested in. That way, people like Erik Aanderaa can focus on a single platform and be really successful. But whatever they do, they put in their best effort.

So go out and try your best! I am looking forward to seeing your trips somewhere on the internet. Maybe even on Blue Boat Log.