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Three Easy Ways to share your Sailing Trips

Finding content about people cruising the world has never been easier. Whether you look on YouTube or Social Media, you will find videos, blogs, routes and pictures there. And as you are sailing as well, you probably want to share your adventures with the world, too. So let me give you some advice on the three easiest ways to get started!

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The Equipment Roundup

So your first trip is around the corner, but you have no idea what you will need? We have all been there once! In fact, with limited area for your belongings on yachts and airline limitations, the question never gets old. So it is time for a post on the topic.

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How to get started with Sailing

I throughly enjoy talking about sailing and a lot of people (seemingly) enjoy listening. Often enough, I get the question how you get started. This is where the following post will help you.

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